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Sunday, 13 February 2011

CAS Valentine's Card for SO

Cards for men are always difficult for me; Valentine's cards are a nightmare.  How do you make something romantic with no flowers?!  Hope he likes it, if not the 12 bottle case of Smirnoff Ice ought to do the trick.
Happy Valentine's Day for tomorrow to everyone I love - that includes you Paul :)

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Rachel x said...

Hi Caggy :)
I've come to your blog from your Docrafts gallery, where I arrived after your gorgeous FF candle caught my eye on another page :)
I like your CAS cards- I'm trying to make simpler cards myself at the mo' so on the lookout for good inspiration!! :) This is a great male card- I always find them tricky, too, but I think simple is always a good thing and like your mix of neutrals and red!! :)
hugs, Rachel x