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Monday, 19 March 2012

Stampin' Up inspired CAS card

Have had the day off work today as my 'ickle car had to have a service and MOT. As well as catching up on housework that I didn't do yesterday (tut, tut), I managed to fit in the time to make this card for a friend's birthday. The design is based on a Stampin' Up card in the current Idea Book & Catalogue.

It's quite sad how reliant we are on our cars - I was so glad to get mine back!  Had to take the girls on the bus from school to collect the car from the garage. £3 to go less than a mile - no wonder so many people drive! Thought the girls were going to freak out when about 40 noisy secondary school kids got on, but thankfully our journey passed without event.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful card Caggy - the SU catalogue is such a superb source of inspiration! Cars are a very expensive necessity these days....we take the children to see the sights in London regularly & the last time - we didn't even know how to get on a bus, had to get off because we didn't have tickets - drivers don't sell them any more!!!! :) xxx

debby4000 said...

Gorgeous, beautiful card.